Sunday, March 29, 2009

a compiled blog post

I really want a garden.

I have discovered, since moving into a house with Loren, the awesomeness of pitchers. Everytime I whip up a batch of iced tea, its gone within days. It tastes better than our water, and produces less waste than bottled drinks, and is waaaaaaaay cheaper! I need to invest in a suntea pitcher and i will surely keep the lookout for cute ones when i move out in a year and a half.

I tweeted this thought: Everyday I work on the weekend, Alice 95.5 plays the song "Rockefeller Skank" by Fatboy Slim. Remember that one? For some reason, I never get tired of it, and I always feel like my life has meaning. I don't know what it is about that song, but it seems to pep me up when I am getting tired and is just overall really awesome.

another song. the oc's theme... california here i come right back where i started from. i should hate that song. but makes me think of sun and fun. so i do hate to love it.

So i just got done mopping the second floor. i spilled a whole bucket of dirty mop water and now its dripping through the floor. I can hear it.

its nice listening to girl talk while i clean. but it doesnt go as fast because i spend 65% of the time singing and dancing and looking at my reflection. ridiculous.

okay. modern english's song "melt with you." i think its becoming my favorite song of all time. i remember a few months ago i heard it on the radio when i was at panera in the back. it made me smile so much because i just thought of kyle. the song gave me the feelings he does. so anyways. i looked up the lyrics and i love this song even more....
my favorite line: "...dream of better lives the kind which never hate..."
i feel like this would make an excellent tattoo. dont you think so? i love word tattoos.

speaking of 80's bands. i hope i am not working tuesday because we are SO watching Vh1's 100 Greatest One Hit Wonders of the 80's. The ONLY thing bad about this is the host. But I can overlook that. I'd rather have him as a host (Judah Friedlander), rather than his own commentary as one of those comidians. I even hate writing his name. Blech.

i am in desperate need of a really great night out full of lots of cameos and drinks.
im picturing sangria, karaoke, and downtownness.

....i want my weekends back...

alright. this post is long enough.

Saturday, March 28, 2009

Caged Tomatos!

I love Carrie over at Caged Tomatos so much its NOT EVEN FUNNY. She's taking the blender print and changing the colors to match the coffee one for Kathryn's kitchen! Can you believe that? HOW PERFECT IS THAT. I also like how Kat knows about this blog but doesnt read anymore it as I gab about all her presents. HA.

etsy love

so i found these prints on etsy awhile ago... they have always been at the back of my mind, but i think i am finally going to get around to buying them. especially since i need to finalize kat's box o' goodies for her care package/christmas gift/birthday gift.

cagedtomato's prints are mind blowingly awesome and i plan to fill my kitchen with them. the only thing is i dont know if i have enough wall space, but i am just going to have to deal with that. I will buy all of them. Kat gets the blender and the coffee one. I will get them framed for her too.

I hope those all showed up. they show up in my browser, but not on my desktop.

anyways. i cant wait for pay day. cagedtomato also does commissions. i am thinking a bowl of fruit, crockpot...A DUTCH OVEN! ahhh. my mind is racing.

anyways. i have to go clean a room in apartment 1 today. so i better stop etsying.

Its Friday....!

Fridays are my favorite nights to work because they are the most laid back. Thursdays are pretty rockin too. And so are Saturdays.

Thursdays are great cuz I spend two hours with another girl. Then curfew comes around an hour later. Then an hour before room checks and before you know, only 8 hours of work left, with intensive cleaning for the weekday work day and at the end of my shift, there are two hours where people are getting up and coming in and out of the office. So thats really no time for boredom.

Fridays are great because I have no big cleaning since I do it all on Thursdays and Saturdays.

Saturdays are great because its the last day of the work week for me! The feeling of coming out on Sunday... ah. I just cant describe the victory.

Anyway! Today is Friday (er... Saturday morning) and I am having the BEST hair day. I threw on the cleanest clothes I own after taking a fast shower and as we were leaving Kyle said I looked cute. I looked in the mirror and sure enough. I look good. Why do such days have to be wasted on working!? I need to be out dancing and partying it up.

Parties. I remember what those used to be like...

St. Louis was fun, thanks for asking. I got out of the city with enough money to buy lunch and ice cream the next day and pay my utilities. That is a good feeling.
We stayed at Kyle's dad's place the first night. It was so awesome! Out in the country. Beauitful of course. We then hung out in Columbia on Monday. Ate at the Main Squeeze which is literally the best place ever. I like knowing that what I am eating isn't killing me.
Monday we drove to StL and slept. The next day we hit up the history museum. Then drove around forever (2 hours) looking for Schlafly Brewing Company. We seriously drove by it 3 times and missed it. So we went home and ate pizza. The next day we found it quicker and shopped on The Loop. The next day we ate a quick breakfast, cleaned the house we stayed at, and headed home! I did not want to come home. I loved every moment.

I presented Kyle with his t-shirt from Schlafly I sneakily purchased for him. He loved it! I love that he loved it!

It was really nice spending so much time with Kyle. We are constantly surrounded by roommates or friends and not that we don't like it, but sometimes its just so wonderful to sit around and watch TV in the evening without feeling any obligation to share the living room or meet friends for drinks.

ALSO! Did anyone know that missouri has a law that you can mix and match 6-packs of beer!? As long as you buy at least 3 you can. I guess all bottles have barcodes on them??? I am going to keep an eye out for this. The guy at Trader Joe's filled us in.

Well. I will surely check back again sometime this evening. I am already bored. And caught up in blogland.

ps. i have the best tweets.

Sunday, March 22, 2009

Only 8.5 more hours...

... and then I won't have to worry about rowdy, angsty teenage boys for another 4 days.

The boys in apartment 4 (next door) are driving me CRAZY. They have been being rowdy and refuse to be quiet. I told them to give up their handcuffs when they "lost" the key and couldnt get them off after they found the key. 10 minutes later they are free and refuse to give them up.

Whatever. I am so over it.

I am not here to baby you. I am not here to be pushed. You can go as far as you want. I am not the punisher. I just write what happens and someone comes in Monday through Friday to take care of that crap.

GAH! I wish I knew what they were doing.

Okay. 45 minutes later and i get back to this blog, and I have a vauge idea of what they are doing. I am pretty sure at one point, one of them was handcuffed to a chair but I have no way of proving it. I think he was bouncing around trying to move.
I went in and was ready to assign them all chores. I am tired and they are being hella annoying. they have 10 minutes to be in their room or they the JOB JAR.

next weekend will not be as fun for them. Guarenteed. I try to be the pretty nice girl that works on the weekends, but Apartment 4 is changing that.

Wow. In less than 12 hours I will be on the road headed towards wonderful Columbia. I cant wait to spend lots of time with kyle and no time dealing with other things like work.

7.5 more hours.

Saturday, March 21, 2009

Rain! On a day I am working! Finally!

So VH1 has the 100 greatest 1 hit wonders from the 80s coming up on television.

Also. Its cold and grey and rainy today. PERFECT. I cant wait to go home and snuggle into bed. 3 more hours.Kyle's brother is in town. I declined going out for drinks last night, because I had to work in an hour and a half, and I couldnt drink, and I am scared out of my mind meeting his family. Not his mom. I can get moms to like me. Brothers and fathers. Thats different.

rain rain rain. dont go away. stay stay stay.

i absolutely hate my cell phone. HATE. everytime i silence a phone call my fat fingers hit speaker phone and I accidently pick up. I dont realize it, till after I have breathed my sigh of relief of dodging a phone call I didnt want to take. Usually I hear a loud and confused "Hello??" Blehhh. When this plan is over, there better be nicer phones out on the market. I may even revert back to ATT. God forbid.

OH! And the fact that the text messaging SEND button is write next to the CLEAR button. I cant tell you how many texts I have sent that were meant to be deleted. Even a few down right embaressing ones, all typos aside.

okay. i want a hot chocolate, a heated room, and my bed. and maybe kyle next to me.

mary adams dresses

oh. my. god.

i want one.

Friday, March 20, 2009

Tax time!

So I did my taxes tonight (at work). Its so awesome how I get paid while doing that.
Anyways, I thought the government was gonna be mean to me this year since the TLP didnt take taxes out of my paychecks (only 500 bucks total) and I got a ton of interest on all those bonds I cashed in. But I actually did better than last year. Almost 800 dollars back!
I just need to file it tomorrow after I have ten dollars in my bank account to pay for filing.

Its sad, but all that money is going to my credit cards. So sad. But it will take a huge chunk out of what I owe and allow me to breathe so much easier. No more freaking out about CU bills maxing my card out or paying extra fees.

I guess you could almost say I love tax time. Its actually kind of awesome, because even though they owe you your own money back, it feels like you are just getting money.

I also checked how much I got last year for my stimulus. Kyle though 500 was the norm. Kat got 600. I got 300! I am pretty sure Kat and Kyle are krazy.

Not much else. Me and Kyle are headed to Columbia and St. Louis on Sunday! I can't wait. We are going to visit Kyle's dad, spend the night and eat at the Main Squeeze. Then St. Louis! We are planning brewery tours, maybe a hockey game, city museum and the history muesum. I can't wait! Plus we are staying at Kyles grandparents house since they are in Florida. So we dont have to pay for a room! Awesome! Plus, I still get to work a full schedule next week. No pay cuts! Aside from my Panera check, which I can live without.

Anyways. I am TOTALLY psyched about my tax return! I cant WAIT to write that check and pay off those pesky things! Financial freedom! Sooooon!

Monday, March 16, 2009

Running playlist

So I just got done running outside. I havent run outside in FOREVER. It is incredibly hard compared to that treadmill at the YMCA. Lately I have been running 3.5 miles pretty easily. Today, outside, I was dying before the first one finished. I stopped and walked a few times, but I finally was able to clear 2.5 miles. I call it quits and headed home. Not even amazing music could keep me going.

Speaking of music, here is my playlist I run too:

"Yankee Bayonet" by The Decemberists
"Viva La Vida" by Coldplay

"Disturbia" by Rihana
"Invincible" by Pat Benatar
"Stronger" by Kanye West
"Here It Goes Again" by OK Go
"Maneater" by Nelly Furtado
"Stronger" by Britney Spears
"Fighter" by Christina Aguilera
"Let it Rock" by Kevin Rudolf
"New Soul" by Yael Naim

Bold is a warmup/cool down song (walking)
Italics are a running song.

My muscles are spazzing right now.

Alright. I guess my laundry has piled up so much for so long, I better do it. I literally have nothing to wear except a sweater dress and its much to warm for that.

Sunday, March 15, 2009


I am STARVING. I packed boring soup and oatmeal today for lunch/breakfast/dinner.....!? (what do I call it when I eat at 5am but go to sleep at 1pm?)

Before I cook me up a pot of something, I am going to list all the things I would rather be eating right now.

1) Gailey's Downtowner Breakfast
Include 3 eggs, hash browns, biscuits and gravy, and sausage.

2) IMO's pizza
any kind. that melty liquid cheese is the best.

3) Mediterranean Veggie from Panera
I work there 2 days a week. Why the hell do I crave it when I don't get my discount?

4) WF Cody's Cheeseburger
This is literally the best burger place EVER. I dont frequent it because its just to far away and I don't usually crave burgers. But a beer and burger sound good right now.

5) Patton Alley's Chicken Quesadilla
I would be willing to sub steak if someone else would pay for it.

Even if they DID have delivery for any of these place at 5am on a Sunday morning, I dont have two quarters to even rub together.

But tonight! The beer and quesadillas will be flowing like water!

Saturday, March 14, 2009

too much stuff.

So I have been thinking the past few days about a few things.

The first is my collection of junk that keeps growing. Lately, I have been looking around my room (its SUPER small) and been so overwhelmed with all the stuff I have. I want to just ditch it all, but I know once I start selling/giving it away, my room will be bare and I will just fill it up with more stuff.

Something has to happen though. I have way to much stuff.

Actually, compared to most people, according to my roommates, I dont. It takes me only a day to pack up all my stuff, move, and unpack. Not really that bad.

I was just in the kitchen though looking at my 10 different kinds of tea and 50 mugs. Then all the dishes and applicances we have (and the ones I still WANT... pasta maker, bread maker, toaster oven, kitchen aid...) and i was almost disgusted.
then I walked into my room and look at my bookcase full of books I have barely opened. And I dont know. I was a little sad. I feel like I have consumed so much for so long, it has kind of destroyed me, ya know?

I want to get lots of cool stuff, but I can definitly feel in my gut, there is a void I am trying to fill. Maybe if I get lots of cool stuff, no one will notice I havent done anything with my degree. Or all those dreams I had have kind of been forgotten and tossed... (Peace Corps, major volunteer work, world peace maker... MOVING OUT OF SPRINGFIELD)

But when it all comes down to it, I dont know what I want to do. I havent found anything I am incredibly passionate about. It actually kind of scares me.


I am also getting tired of sharing space with roommates. Its not my style. I have no room. For God's sake. I am still sleeping in a twin bed. I have no place to spread out my sewing stuff. I took over the dining room/3rd living room and it bugs my roomies to death. But everytime they move my stuff or ask me about it, i feel like saying "I LIVE IN A HALLWAY! I have the smallest, most unprivate, shared bedroom in the house! Do you see a place to keep my sewing stuff anywhere in my room? Do you see a place to put my TV?!" Honestly. They could stand to give up one of their rooms. I could put my TV, desk, bookcase, QUEEN bed, and sewing stuff in there!

I just cant wait to have my OWN space. The dishes in the sink will be mine and no one will be pointing fingers about who should wash them.
I cant wait for a huge bed and a bedroom that doesnt have to hold all my belongings. I cant wait to spread out and breathe easier.

Sorry. Im just tired. I am almost 24, and I am still sharing space with people.

Once I get out of debt next year, I think I need to move on.

Thursday, March 12, 2009

hedgehogs and homemade dinners gone WRONG

So i finally got a picture from the breeder in Kansas about my new, soon-to-be-mine hedgehog...

I just cant seem to find a name. I loved the name Sal a lot, but no one I know likes it except my sister. Its not that i need to find a name that others like, but i need to find a name, people will think, "oh... yeah... it DOES work really well for him!"

what do you think he looks like?

It was Kyle and I's 6 month anniversary. I havent ever dated anyone that long. It wasnt really about celebrating 6 months, but more about celebrating the fact that I loved him, and I was finally in a relationship where I honestly cared about someone and it wasnt a horribly inbalanced give and take like it has been with every guy before. Somehow, i dont think I was able to express that. But now I step back and look at the words thats exactly how I feel.


I HOMEMADE the WHOLE dinner. I made noodles, sauce, meatballs, and bread. THE WHOLE DINNER. Five hours. I came home after work and grocery shopping, started the sauce in the crockpot. I had a recipe and added a bit of extra onion and garlic to it. So then, I started the meatballs. I didnt have a recipe, so i basically took turkey meat, and turkey italian sausage and mixed italian spices in it balled it up cooked it in olive oil. After that I made the bread. While the bread rose and baked, I whipped up the noodles, rolled and cut them out. It was about 8, and I called Kyle and enlisted him to cut noodles. He did and we finally sat down and ate at 9pm.
whatever. time wise it didnt work, but the meal was awesome, right?


it was so increidbly mediocre it was almost gross. i didnt finish mine, but kyle was sweet enough to pretend to love it and eat my plate i barely touched.
he didnt try fighting me on throwing away the leftover sauce, bread and meatballs.

Concerning the sauce... i will ALWAYS choose the low and long setting on a crockpot over the high and short setting. Lesson learned. Those extra onions I added didnt really cook enough. It was a CHUNKY sauce and even adding a whole can of Ragu barely made it saucey. I think if cooked longer, the onions and tomatos could liquify or get soft enough to barely notice the texture, and it be more about the flavor.

Bread-wise... this was good. But overall, it should have rose more? It wasnt super fluffy. More like a super dense, oversized breadstick. Good. But i just threw the other mini-loaf away because i knew it would be gross if it wasnt straight out of the oven. I think I may work on my bread recipes. They always scare me.

Meatballs... no recipe. At all. This was my problem. Maybe if mixed in a better sauce they'd be good, but just not with the sauce. They SMELLED good though while I cooked them.

noodles... the best part!!! i think they'd just be better in a different sauce or more importantly, IN CHICKEN NOODLE SOUP! I have about a serving and half left of noodles, so thats awesome! I get to eat something tasty and not waste them in onion tomato sauce like the first batch was in

but thats pretty much it. I am getting over my sickness. Feeling better... hopefully by next week, it will be in the past and I can start RUNNING again!!!

also I may be going to see Death Cab in concert!


Monday, March 09, 2009

New Music for a Monday

So I went ahead and splurged on CDs.

I havent spent money on CDs for so long, even the guys at CD Warehouse commented. In fact they used the opportunity to try to sell me the Decemberist and the Deathcab lead singers' solo albums. I resisted.

Heres what i got:

Death Cab for Cutie's Plans
The Decemberists Her Majesty
Santogold's Santogold
New Young Pony Club's Fantastic Playroom

All are incredibly amazing.
I should have bought Plans a long time ago. Its almost shameful how this is the first time I listened to it.

I dont want to post to much on how I feel about music, because this will NOT turn into one of those music blogs where I feel my music is so much more superior than all others'! But I will say, Dance-Electronica is my favorite music and NYPC and Santogold fit in perfectly!

I guess Death Cab is touring around these parts, so I am going to go try to see them on April 12th. The day before Kyle's birthday. He didn't sound to excited, but I skipped Girl Talk for him last time! (After I bought the tickets!!!) If he asks me to skip a concert the day before his birthday just because he want to see me on BOTH days, I will be annoyed. I will probably say no.

Anyways. I thought I would just check in. I sort of redesigned. Its not where I want it, but its getting close.

Im gonna go nap hardcore.

Saturday, March 07, 2009

germ-infested, on the clock ramblings.


i am so sick right now! my head feels likes its going to implode from the pressure. its almost to much. my whole front side of the face is literally sore. bah. anyways.

i just bought kyle a fifty dollar gift card to his favorite bar for 29 bucks. not too horrible. im sure he will like it for a night of rowdiness with the boys. although you have to use the WHOLE thing all at once, and it expires in august! using it wont be a problem. i am glad because i can give it to him for his birthday.

i paid all my bills today! it was exciting. my bank account is low though. paying my bills gives me a sense of empowerment a lot of the time. its like i work my ass off six days a week and when i get that pay check it just feel so good to be able to pay my own bills. now if only i can start paying my insurance to my mom on time!!! i guess this feeling of empowerment leaves quickly after the bills are actually paid and the next two weeks are really horrible. oh well.

anyways. i have nothing to chat about. i am almost finished with a smock i have been working on. and i started knitting a beanie today while i watched old 70's videos on VH1. they werent really videos, just video of bands performing. boring, but enjoyable and great to knit too.

it was so beautiful today!!! i walked to msu to pay my left over bill, walked to kyle's house, rode my bike back, and of course sat on the porch and had a beer.

i think sunday night will be the official opener of porch-sittin, beer drinkin season. in this years line up, i am thinking about introducing music! then of course the dutch oven cookin's and corn on the cob later in the year! its gonna be awesome!

OMG. AND AMOIS MOVED BACK, HECK YEAH. (i was so excited i literally typed out the f-bomb, but decided against it.) anyways. this means porch sittin will involve the same amazing people! i feel bad for her and her sisters shattered art dreams, but come on! maybe she will return to work at panera and we can have good (i.e. horrible-guest filled) times again.

i cant wait for summer!!! everyone will be not busy and i can hang out with everyone during the week! camping trips, bike rides, porch sessions, sean's sunday night parties, cookouts! its gonna be the shit!

speaking of cookouts, kyle wants a cookout for his birthday, with dutch oven cobbler, so i best be planning that. i was thinking about giving him a keg for his birthday present and he can have all his friends over. but i dont know how we will do that. the whole chance of minors coming makes me incredibly nervous, seeing as how we live on one the heaviest police patroled intersections...

alright. im gonna go smash my head against a wall. its gotta feel better than this. although typing about summer plans helped a lot.