Sunday, April 26, 2009

Lunchtime at the TLP

So I made this Mexican Cheese Soup today. In order to promote CLEANING, team building, and social time in preparation for our state inspections on Tuesday. Its only 1030. People are barely awake yet, but a little part of me was thinking "CRAP. No one is going to eat this 15 dollar pot of soup I just made." Then 2 of my favorite residents were starving and came in wanting a bowl if it was ready. They ate like 4 bowls between them! I was soooo excited! They kept saying how good it was and they were so appreciative.

It feels good to give back in a way that they can see. I hope this makes their days better.

The smell is wafting down the hall. I need to start waking people up and lighting some fires under their butts...

Oh. My. God. Who have I BECOME!?

I just got done reading COSMO. I am truly disgusted.


Well, I am working an insanely long shift today. 15 hours. I almost came in early and made it 16, but was just to lazy to get around soon enough.

Not really a whole lot going on. My computer isnt turning on which su-ucks, so it looks like my paychecks will have to be saving for that. but i guess i can finally get a new computer! Its just to bad I wasnt able to back up all my files first. Also, I guess the Acer Aspire 3935 is getting good reviews. Remember that.

I am on weight watchers. I have attatched a blog for this to my profile. Its boring and more for me and my own sanity. But feel free to take a looksie as i air out all my fat dirty laundry.

Anyways. I guess I will go wander around cyberland some more before I start deep cleaning the entire building.

Sunday, April 19, 2009

Sunday Morning

I love Sundays.

And I love that non-stop rain.

Saturday, April 18, 2009

A "Fuck-It Bucket" Moment

Are we all familar with Amy Sedaris? Her book I Like You is fantastic and it has this wonderful how-to explaination of a Fuck-it bucket... its basically where you write "FUCK IT" on a bucket and fill it with candy. When you have a bad day, you just say "FUCK IT!" and take some candy out of the bucket.

[Should i make this blog mature content?]

Anyway, i just had a moment of metaphorical candy takin from the bucket.

I have debts to pay. Who cares? I am working to pay them. I should stop beating myself up for getting them. I learned my lesson, I am working to be better financially. So you know what? FUCK IT! I am doing my best and I won't let things like credit card payments get in the way of my fun and happiness anymore. I am going to do what I want!

It feels good to think that bike riding, park goin, picnic havin, and boyfriend kissin arent controlled by the income that comes in! So I am just goin to relax and have all the fun that is out there for me to take!

budgets always SOUND like they work...

Pay day was just a short 14 hours ago and its like, uhhhhh. where did my money go? I like to pay all my bills asap, so i am not sitting on all this money i DONT have.
How the HELL do you guys budget?
By the time I paid my bills I had 150 bucks for 2 weeks which SOUNDS like alot, but you calculate the HEDGEHOG supplies I have to spend, the gas to KC, food to live off of, and packages to send (swap bots are cheap, kat's is not!!!) its pretty much all gone.
UUUUUUUUUHG. A hedgehog probably wasn't a sound financial decision when you get down to it.
The wheel was literally the most expensive thing I bought today. 30 bucks. 30 BUCKS! For a piece of wire holding up a round piece of plastic. So friggin stupid. Plus i HAVE a wheel! Just not the right kind or size.
And whats worse, the wheel doesn't fit in the cage so I guess I need a new cage because you can't not have a wheel. Theres my whole budget for the two weeks blown on Sal.

How do YOU budget money!?

What. the. Fuuuuuu...k!

alright. thats it for now, till i make edits as usual.

Friday, April 17, 2009

Cant stop staring at my profile picture...

...its just so cute! i feel like it completes me, ya know?

I am in kneeeeeee deeeeeep in swap bot swaps. I have 5 mix cd swaps going with 6 partners.

Heres a list of whats gonna be mixin this weekend:

Best of MIA
Best of Stars
Best of Tilly and the Wall
1985 Birth Year
Play It Loud

The Play it Loud mix I may just hand out my running mix, if I get pressed for time. I was thinking more insturmental, but we will see how pressed for time/detail oriented i become.
The Tilly and the Wall mix is pretty much already mixed. I will just give Idan's Tilly Mix out. I still have it saved I think.
The Stars and MIA mix cds, I just took the top Stars and MIA singles from amazon, peppered with a few other ones not on the top 13. I really have a hard time narrowing these artists down.
The 1985 Mix just gives me excuse to buy an 80s cd and a few songs on Itunes.


So I was pretty much a cleaning machine yesterday. I did a ton of laundry, put it away, organized my bookcase, desk, shelves, under my bed, vacuumed. Everything. I started cleaning the bathroom. It was so friggin disgusting. Never again. Its so hard living with a hairy boy. I will keep up on that once a week or so.

My hedgehog comes home on Sunday so I made room in my room for him too. I CANT WAIT. I will be cross stitching pictures of sal soon, no doubt. I just can't wait. Its actually making me a little crazy knowing hes gonna be so close all weekend and I have to wait till SUNDAY. I guess its for the best, because I have to buy a TON of supplies and set up his cage.

Got my tax return! Yay! Put it towards a BoA credit card and I feel so good! I have a long way to go, but its so nice seeing that number drop. Almost cut in half. I think once I pay that one off, it will be so less stressful. Uhg. Sorry if I talk about money to much. But who knew that 6 months of friviolous spending could cripple you for so long?

I will scan some cross stitching in the next post. I finished me and Kyle for him. I just am missing 2 stitches for his beautiful eyes. They are technically green, but to me, they are suuuuuuuch a pretty grey color. I love them. Lucky boy. Actually, lucky me, cuz i get to stare into them. Ha. Anyways. they just dont make embroidery floss called "kyles eyes" so I need to make up my mind on the color.
btw. hes reading this now. but i would have wrote that without him creepin.

oh i wanted to mention coming home on monday from work. I had THREE packages waiting for me at the door. A coffee swap, an amazon order, and an etsy order! I got the same brand of coffee from both swap partners. Kind of crazy. But I loved the way the coffee is bagged. Me and Loren split a pot today and it was tasty. It is making me rethink my coffee methods actually. Kyle loved his DVD from amazon and I got Kat a book. And the caged tomato prints are fantastic. 3 packages! It was better than christmas morning. seriously.

i am looking for a tag cloud. i love those things. trying this one out i guess, although i can't see it. i'll see how it works...

Sunday, April 12, 2009


Man. this sucks. Embroidery thread is seriously like EVERYWHERE when you dont need it. when you do...

every craft store in springfield is closed today. ridiculous.

I guess my cool lil minipops will have to wait till tomorrow.
Its okay. I am pretty psyched out of my mind for my little paint creations. I will just look at those more


I just realized we have a scanner at work! So I am figuring out how exactly i can scan things...

Check out my minipop cross stitch pattern of me and kyle for his bday.


SO COOL! Now just be prepared for other things to be scanned.

Okay. Here is MY 1st ever finished cross stitch, subversive style.

I like seeing the backs of projects. the messiness behind the pretty. its pretty much my life on the back. I dont like the final products to be messy, but somehow they always are, even if its hidden.

Heres a paint version of me and kyle.

i think i officialy talk to much about this wonderful boy.

Alright. I better clean and do log notes. Only an hour of work left!


Bust... kind of a bust

Well I just read Bust. Not so great. The magazine was so all over the place Really. I was reading porn at one point before realizing it wasnt a girls cute commentary about her cute doctor.

all in all, i would pick this magazine up only if i saw a specific article in it that held my interest. otherwise... eh.

there was one interesting cocktail recipe. taking vodka and infusing it with fruit yourself then mixin a cocktail. i may try it.

oh! and the editor is the stich and bitch girl. crazy.

i could be an editor of a magazine. i think itd be fun.

Cross Stitching!

Wow. Lets just say I am OBSESSED with cross stitching! I finished the "Don't Make Me Cut You" a couple hours ago. After that I spent the next few hours sketching out designs to make Minipops of my friends. I am doing a minipop of me and kyle for his birthday. It shouldn't take very long, and i hope it turns out, although it looks great on paper. Them im gonna frame it and give it to him monday (tomorrow). I also sketched out Jackson, which I may give to him for his bday with the phrase "Gay Baby." I also did Idan, which I think I may make him with the phrase "Haven't Seen It, Not a Fan" or "Lame." or "ew."

I am also going to keep a book, which is starting to fill up already of phrases and more people I want to stitch.

I bought the subversive cross stitch book. I ordered Minipops too for inspiration. I did not get around soon enough to get materials to cross stitch more today. I need lots of colors and its first on my list of To-Do when I get off!

Also on the to-do list eventually: buy lots of frames!!! Funky, old, vintage ones. Steer clear of the modern!

Anyways. I need to send that cut you one in a frame with a gift card for food to my sister for her bday. mom says shes not eating enough. I don't know how a person doesnt eat enough. maybe she can teach me her secrets.

Kyle's bday is so close! I can't wait!!

Also joined a few swaps on swap bot. I have completed 2, although still waiting to recieve, and be ranked. The next two that are up are mix cds! I may cross stitch covers for them since right now, i hate all other things! ;)

Alright! thats it. I am gonna read my new magazines (Bust, Martha, Elle) and clean a bit. See you all again soon! Leave comments if you have ideas for (NOTE! THE FOLLOWING IS VULGAR) vulgar things i can cross stitch! (not that)

Saturday, April 11, 2009

Birthday suit.... er... dress.

I know my birthday is 3 months... NO WAIT. 2 months and and 2 weeks away...

Alright. I am starting to freak out slightly about what I will be wearing. It is my gold birthday so I want a gold 80's dress like no other. But I am willing to settle for just a hot little gold dress.

I GOT NUTHIN so far. I am gonna have to be hitting up the thrift stores and a weekly rotation schedule. bleeeeeh. I knew it would come to this.

I have the most insane heartburn. I just started getting heartburn a few months ago. I will be making a list of foods I should never eat and be tagging it. Anyways. CHEESE PIZZA from pizza hut is bad. I wont rule out all pizza. Just one pizza place at a time.

I am working on my subversive cross stitching. Its probably over half done. I just have to finish the border.

Here is what I have done so far...

AWESOME HUH!? I LOVE it and cant believe how far I have come!
Now if I spent all that time actually working on it as i did blogging about it and editting the shit out that picture, then I'd probably be done. But thats not fun!

Alright. Maybe get back to it.

Thursday, April 09, 2009

back to normal...

well! i am back to normal. less depressed than my last post for sure. there is a full moon so perhaps that has something to do with it.

kyle was out tonight, with the guys. he hasnt been out with them in forever! i hate to be the kind of girlfriend that bosses her boyfriend around, but i just stepped in and did it. hes so poor with keeping in contact, so i basically hounded him for a week telling him to call his friends, cuz he'd have fun and theres no reason for him not too.
he texted me all night how he loves his "bros" and how tight they were.
he also may have fallen in love with eric because he was telling me how great he was, and if he died, he wanted me to have eric. lol.
thanks kyle. just dont kiss him.

nothing much else going on right now. i had to RUSH ORDER that dr. horrible dvd for kyle cuz i waited till the last minute and i didnt want to make it seem like i forgot his birthday. i thought rush shipping would be reduced if i ordered 25 bucks worth of stuff, but i realized it wasnt until i had ordered stuff. oh well. kathryn got the final touch to her care/christmas/birthday package with Fuck This Book. i ordered the book The Seven Principles for Making Marriage Work. Now. I am NOT getting married ANYTIME soon, but I glanced at this book at DeSales, and it looked like an awesome book that can be applied to serious relationships. I care very much for Kyle and I want to succeed, so I thought this book would be good. Although I won't be telling him I ordered it as to avoid the freak out. Although I dont think he would...

hmmmm. what else... I AM TOTALLY BROKE! I dont know how I am ever going to pay off my credit cards anymore. Its like I am constantly dealing with unexpected bills and payments. IT SUCKS. I suppose the 82 dollar etsy order wasnt helping anyone this month. Gah.

well, i guess i will be off to amazonland to see what else i should have bought. i cant wait for my book to come in!

Tuesday, April 07, 2009


well this week i worked 31.72 hours at panera and 38 at TLP. geez.
im like super depressed right now and i think its because of the following:

i finally have a moment to breathe and i am just crashing.
i desperately miss my good friend and roomie. her boyfriend has hijacked her and i havent talked to her since he got here back in Feb. i know that once people start dating you dont see them as much, and its normal but its so hard to function without a girlfriend by your side. i miss her a lot and thats all i will say about that.
i am trying to pay off my credit card debt and its like, sit around and just think about money. im trying not to spend anything, so the best thing to do home is not go out into the world, because if i drive down the street i am wasting money on gas and i will probably stop somewhere for food, drink, or something else.

i dont know whats wrong with me. i have been having crazy dreams too. about work and ex boyfriends.

i dont even know what to say except thats it.

i am over the emo post.

Friday, April 03, 2009


I am so addicted to twitter. I love searching for things and finding the common link between people. Like "Jimmy Fallon." oh guess what, everyone misses conan and doesnt like him. I feel bad for him, but aside from that, its soooo mind blowing how twitter can connect soooo many people so far away. so simple. i love it.

why do more of my friends not have this?