Tuesday, April 07, 2009


well this week i worked 31.72 hours at panera and 38 at TLP. geez.
im like super depressed right now and i think its because of the following:

i finally have a moment to breathe and i am just crashing.
i desperately miss my good friend and roomie. her boyfriend has hijacked her and i havent talked to her since he got here back in Feb. i know that once people start dating you dont see them as much, and its normal but its so hard to function without a girlfriend by your side. i miss her a lot and thats all i will say about that.
i am trying to pay off my credit card debt and its like, sit around and just think about money. im trying not to spend anything, so the best thing to do home is not go out into the world, because if i drive down the street i am wasting money on gas and i will probably stop somewhere for food, drink, or something else.

i dont know whats wrong with me. i have been having crazy dreams too. about work and ex boyfriends.

i dont even know what to say except thats it.

i am over the emo post.

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