Saturday, February 28, 2009

Upcoming, exciting events!

Well I am at work, once again. Today I am trying to pull a 14 hour day, in order to make just a little extra money.

There is some big stuff coming up around the corner!

There is a spring break trip kyle (my boyfriend) and i are taking. My roommates are headed to Austin, Texas to checl out the music scene and the beach. Kyle and I definitely have the travel bug too, I think because we have talked about travelling to india for awhile now and started saving. Since we can't really afford the trip to Texas, we figure we will hit the bike trails.

We are thinking arrive and bike monday through the first part of the week, then head home thursday. All in all i am quite nervous. We want to camp along the trail to save money, but carrying almost 3 days worth of food, plus tent and sleeping bag is scary! The details have to be worked out. I am sure we will just splurge and grab a hotel or bed and breakfast one of those nights.

Also! Pogstar Hedgehog breeders emailed me back. It sounds like I will have a hedgehog in the next coming months. She said there was one waiting right now for adoption and a two week old litter. We will see what colors come out of it. I would love a darker colored hedgie.

Anyways. I should be getting back to the Katy trail plan for break....

Saturday, February 21, 2009


Well! I thought I'd start this blog over. I don't know how much I plan to write exactly. I have a few half billion blogs out there in the internets that begin with a post like this and die a week later.

I am using this more to follow people. The crafty crowd has got me inspired, and I must say, with extra time on my hands with an overnight job sitting at a desk, I have been able to get ideas and accomplish them.


For those who I am following, let me introduce myself...

My name is Michelle, and I am from the midwest. I like a lot of stuff, particularly coffee, karaoke, reality tv, the night life, and camping whenever possible.

Well, I will be creepin round your pages!