Friday, November 19, 2010

just a great week!

Wanted to document everything in no particular order

1. new girl talk album totally out of the blue was released!
2. i got to drink a whole bottle of wine on tuesday and LISTEN to girl talk.
3. work is going awesome! totally de-esclated a situation with two youth and they are actually doing well this week.
4. got a great eval
5. got two great praises at staff meeting for my hard work at sleepout and handling youth from #3.
6. got to see an old friend at a professional event. got to speak with her about some dreams, and with her help, they could totally be possible.
7. starbuck! buy one get one free for FOUR DAYS in a row!
8. got a 10 dollar jimmy johns gift card in the mail for entering a contest i didnt win.
9. friggin LOVE my new co-case manager.
10. boyfriend comes in to town TOMORROW!!!! havent seen him in 3 weeks at least!
11. Found out gonna get to see some family for thanksgiving. also found out drive is only a 6 hr one and doesnt have to be made until wednesday.
12. an old friend contacted me from my catholic school days. really psyched to get caught up with him.
13. david sedaris season is here.
14. the office at work is clean
15. did REALLY well on our inspections at work too. the youth are great. staff are great.

theres more. but i really cant think now.

Saturday, July 24, 2010

i gotta say this...

No other love can replace the love you have for yourself.

i am beautiful. just as i am.

i am thinking about deactivating my facebook. i will think about it a while longer.
i am tire of just getting caught up in the world of vacation pictures, nights out on the town status updates, and notes about random details of peoples' lives.

i wish we could all just be who we are without having the need to show it off.


i feel better already.

Monday, June 14, 2010


sometimes i feel like screaming WHAT THE FUCK AM I DOING.

like today. and the day before that. and the day before that. and probably tomorrow.

i just want someone to tell me where to go. i dont want to settle into complacency again. but i know i will after this.

help me!