Thursday, April 09, 2009

back to normal...

well! i am back to normal. less depressed than my last post for sure. there is a full moon so perhaps that has something to do with it.

kyle was out tonight, with the guys. he hasnt been out with them in forever! i hate to be the kind of girlfriend that bosses her boyfriend around, but i just stepped in and did it. hes so poor with keeping in contact, so i basically hounded him for a week telling him to call his friends, cuz he'd have fun and theres no reason for him not too.
he texted me all night how he loves his "bros" and how tight they were.
he also may have fallen in love with eric because he was telling me how great he was, and if he died, he wanted me to have eric. lol.
thanks kyle. just dont kiss him.

nothing much else going on right now. i had to RUSH ORDER that dr. horrible dvd for kyle cuz i waited till the last minute and i didnt want to make it seem like i forgot his birthday. i thought rush shipping would be reduced if i ordered 25 bucks worth of stuff, but i realized it wasnt until i had ordered stuff. oh well. kathryn got the final touch to her care/christmas/birthday package with Fuck This Book. i ordered the book The Seven Principles for Making Marriage Work. Now. I am NOT getting married ANYTIME soon, but I glanced at this book at DeSales, and it looked like an awesome book that can be applied to serious relationships. I care very much for Kyle and I want to succeed, so I thought this book would be good. Although I won't be telling him I ordered it as to avoid the freak out. Although I dont think he would...

hmmmm. what else... I AM TOTALLY BROKE! I dont know how I am ever going to pay off my credit cards anymore. Its like I am constantly dealing with unexpected bills and payments. IT SUCKS. I suppose the 82 dollar etsy order wasnt helping anyone this month. Gah.

well, i guess i will be off to amazonland to see what else i should have bought. i cant wait for my book to come in!

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