Saturday, April 11, 2009

Birthday suit.... er... dress.

I know my birthday is 3 months... NO WAIT. 2 months and and 2 weeks away...

Alright. I am starting to freak out slightly about what I will be wearing. It is my gold birthday so I want a gold 80's dress like no other. But I am willing to settle for just a hot little gold dress.

I GOT NUTHIN so far. I am gonna have to be hitting up the thrift stores and a weekly rotation schedule. bleeeeeh. I knew it would come to this.

I have the most insane heartburn. I just started getting heartburn a few months ago. I will be making a list of foods I should never eat and be tagging it. Anyways. CHEESE PIZZA from pizza hut is bad. I wont rule out all pizza. Just one pizza place at a time.

I am working on my subversive cross stitching. Its probably over half done. I just have to finish the border.

Here is what I have done so far...

AWESOME HUH!? I LOVE it and cant believe how far I have come!
Now if I spent all that time actually working on it as i did blogging about it and editting the shit out that picture, then I'd probably be done. But thats not fun!

Alright. Maybe get back to it.

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