Sunday, April 12, 2009

Cross Stitching!

Wow. Lets just say I am OBSESSED with cross stitching! I finished the "Don't Make Me Cut You" a couple hours ago. After that I spent the next few hours sketching out designs to make Minipops of my friends. I am doing a minipop of me and kyle for his birthday. It shouldn't take very long, and i hope it turns out, although it looks great on paper. Them im gonna frame it and give it to him monday (tomorrow). I also sketched out Jackson, which I may give to him for his bday with the phrase "Gay Baby." I also did Idan, which I think I may make him with the phrase "Haven't Seen It, Not a Fan" or "Lame." or "ew."

I am also going to keep a book, which is starting to fill up already of phrases and more people I want to stitch.

I bought the subversive cross stitch book. I ordered Minipops too for inspiration. I did not get around soon enough to get materials to cross stitch more today. I need lots of colors and its first on my list of To-Do when I get off!

Also on the to-do list eventually: buy lots of frames!!! Funky, old, vintage ones. Steer clear of the modern!

Anyways. I need to send that cut you one in a frame with a gift card for food to my sister for her bday. mom says shes not eating enough. I don't know how a person doesnt eat enough. maybe she can teach me her secrets.

Kyle's bday is so close! I can't wait!!

Also joined a few swaps on swap bot. I have completed 2, although still waiting to recieve, and be ranked. The next two that are up are mix cds! I may cross stitch covers for them since right now, i hate all other things! ;)

Alright! thats it. I am gonna read my new magazines (Bust, Martha, Elle) and clean a bit. See you all again soon! Leave comments if you have ideas for (NOTE! THE FOLLOWING IS VULGAR) vulgar things i can cross stitch! (not that)

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