Saturday, April 18, 2009

A "Fuck-It Bucket" Moment

Are we all familar with Amy Sedaris? Her book I Like You is fantastic and it has this wonderful how-to explaination of a Fuck-it bucket... its basically where you write "FUCK IT" on a bucket and fill it with candy. When you have a bad day, you just say "FUCK IT!" and take some candy out of the bucket.

[Should i make this blog mature content?]

Anyway, i just had a moment of metaphorical candy takin from the bucket.

I have debts to pay. Who cares? I am working to pay them. I should stop beating myself up for getting them. I learned my lesson, I am working to be better financially. So you know what? FUCK IT! I am doing my best and I won't let things like credit card payments get in the way of my fun and happiness anymore. I am going to do what I want!

It feels good to think that bike riding, park goin, picnic havin, and boyfriend kissin arent controlled by the income that comes in! So I am just goin to relax and have all the fun that is out there for me to take!

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