Friday, April 17, 2009

Cant stop staring at my profile picture...

...its just so cute! i feel like it completes me, ya know?

I am in kneeeeeee deeeeeep in swap bot swaps. I have 5 mix cd swaps going with 6 partners.

Heres a list of whats gonna be mixin this weekend:

Best of MIA
Best of Stars
Best of Tilly and the Wall
1985 Birth Year
Play It Loud

The Play it Loud mix I may just hand out my running mix, if I get pressed for time. I was thinking more insturmental, but we will see how pressed for time/detail oriented i become.
The Tilly and the Wall mix is pretty much already mixed. I will just give Idan's Tilly Mix out. I still have it saved I think.
The Stars and MIA mix cds, I just took the top Stars and MIA singles from amazon, peppered with a few other ones not on the top 13. I really have a hard time narrowing these artists down.
The 1985 Mix just gives me excuse to buy an 80s cd and a few songs on Itunes.


So I was pretty much a cleaning machine yesterday. I did a ton of laundry, put it away, organized my bookcase, desk, shelves, under my bed, vacuumed. Everything. I started cleaning the bathroom. It was so friggin disgusting. Never again. Its so hard living with a hairy boy. I will keep up on that once a week or so.

My hedgehog comes home on Sunday so I made room in my room for him too. I CANT WAIT. I will be cross stitching pictures of sal soon, no doubt. I just can't wait. Its actually making me a little crazy knowing hes gonna be so close all weekend and I have to wait till SUNDAY. I guess its for the best, because I have to buy a TON of supplies and set up his cage.

Got my tax return! Yay! Put it towards a BoA credit card and I feel so good! I have a long way to go, but its so nice seeing that number drop. Almost cut in half. I think once I pay that one off, it will be so less stressful. Uhg. Sorry if I talk about money to much. But who knew that 6 months of friviolous spending could cripple you for so long?

I will scan some cross stitching in the next post. I finished me and Kyle for him. I just am missing 2 stitches for his beautiful eyes. They are technically green, but to me, they are suuuuuuuch a pretty grey color. I love them. Lucky boy. Actually, lucky me, cuz i get to stare into them. Ha. Anyways. they just dont make embroidery floss called "kyles eyes" so I need to make up my mind on the color.
btw. hes reading this now. but i would have wrote that without him creepin.

oh i wanted to mention coming home on monday from work. I had THREE packages waiting for me at the door. A coffee swap, an amazon order, and an etsy order! I got the same brand of coffee from both swap partners. Kind of crazy. But I loved the way the coffee is bagged. Me and Loren split a pot today and it was tasty. It is making me rethink my coffee methods actually. Kyle loved his DVD from amazon and I got Kat a book. And the caged tomato prints are fantastic. 3 packages! It was better than christmas morning. seriously.

i am looking for a tag cloud. i love those things. trying this one out i guess, although i can't see it. i'll see how it works...

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