Saturday, March 28, 2009

Its Friday....!

Fridays are my favorite nights to work because they are the most laid back. Thursdays are pretty rockin too. And so are Saturdays.

Thursdays are great cuz I spend two hours with another girl. Then curfew comes around an hour later. Then an hour before room checks and before you know, only 8 hours of work left, with intensive cleaning for the weekday work day and at the end of my shift, there are two hours where people are getting up and coming in and out of the office. So thats really no time for boredom.

Fridays are great because I have no big cleaning since I do it all on Thursdays and Saturdays.

Saturdays are great because its the last day of the work week for me! The feeling of coming out on Sunday... ah. I just cant describe the victory.

Anyway! Today is Friday (er... Saturday morning) and I am having the BEST hair day. I threw on the cleanest clothes I own after taking a fast shower and as we were leaving Kyle said I looked cute. I looked in the mirror and sure enough. I look good. Why do such days have to be wasted on working!? I need to be out dancing and partying it up.

Parties. I remember what those used to be like...

St. Louis was fun, thanks for asking. I got out of the city with enough money to buy lunch and ice cream the next day and pay my utilities. That is a good feeling.
We stayed at Kyle's dad's place the first night. It was so awesome! Out in the country. Beauitful of course. We then hung out in Columbia on Monday. Ate at the Main Squeeze which is literally the best place ever. I like knowing that what I am eating isn't killing me.
Monday we drove to StL and slept. The next day we hit up the history museum. Then drove around forever (2 hours) looking for Schlafly Brewing Company. We seriously drove by it 3 times and missed it. So we went home and ate pizza. The next day we found it quicker and shopped on The Loop. The next day we ate a quick breakfast, cleaned the house we stayed at, and headed home! I did not want to come home. I loved every moment.

I presented Kyle with his t-shirt from Schlafly I sneakily purchased for him. He loved it! I love that he loved it!

It was really nice spending so much time with Kyle. We are constantly surrounded by roommates or friends and not that we don't like it, but sometimes its just so wonderful to sit around and watch TV in the evening without feeling any obligation to share the living room or meet friends for drinks.

ALSO! Did anyone know that missouri has a law that you can mix and match 6-packs of beer!? As long as you buy at least 3 you can. I guess all bottles have barcodes on them??? I am going to keep an eye out for this. The guy at Trader Joe's filled us in.

Well. I will surely check back again sometime this evening. I am already bored. And caught up in blogland.

ps. i have the best tweets.

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