Saturday, March 21, 2009

Rain! On a day I am working! Finally!

So VH1 has the 100 greatest 1 hit wonders from the 80s coming up on television.

Also. Its cold and grey and rainy today. PERFECT. I cant wait to go home and snuggle into bed. 3 more hours.Kyle's brother is in town. I declined going out for drinks last night, because I had to work in an hour and a half, and I couldnt drink, and I am scared out of my mind meeting his family. Not his mom. I can get moms to like me. Brothers and fathers. Thats different.

rain rain rain. dont go away. stay stay stay.

i absolutely hate my cell phone. HATE. everytime i silence a phone call my fat fingers hit speaker phone and I accidently pick up. I dont realize it, till after I have breathed my sigh of relief of dodging a phone call I didnt want to take. Usually I hear a loud and confused "Hello??" Blehhh. When this plan is over, there better be nicer phones out on the market. I may even revert back to ATT. God forbid.

OH! And the fact that the text messaging SEND button is write next to the CLEAR button. I cant tell you how many texts I have sent that were meant to be deleted. Even a few down right embaressing ones, all typos aside.

okay. i want a hot chocolate, a heated room, and my bed. and maybe kyle next to me.

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