Thursday, March 12, 2009

hedgehogs and homemade dinners gone WRONG

So i finally got a picture from the breeder in Kansas about my new, soon-to-be-mine hedgehog...

I just cant seem to find a name. I loved the name Sal a lot, but no one I know likes it except my sister. Its not that i need to find a name that others like, but i need to find a name, people will think, "oh... yeah... it DOES work really well for him!"

what do you think he looks like?

It was Kyle and I's 6 month anniversary. I havent ever dated anyone that long. It wasnt really about celebrating 6 months, but more about celebrating the fact that I loved him, and I was finally in a relationship where I honestly cared about someone and it wasnt a horribly inbalanced give and take like it has been with every guy before. Somehow, i dont think I was able to express that. But now I step back and look at the words thats exactly how I feel.


I HOMEMADE the WHOLE dinner. I made noodles, sauce, meatballs, and bread. THE WHOLE DINNER. Five hours. I came home after work and grocery shopping, started the sauce in the crockpot. I had a recipe and added a bit of extra onion and garlic to it. So then, I started the meatballs. I didnt have a recipe, so i basically took turkey meat, and turkey italian sausage and mixed italian spices in it balled it up cooked it in olive oil. After that I made the bread. While the bread rose and baked, I whipped up the noodles, rolled and cut them out. It was about 8, and I called Kyle and enlisted him to cut noodles. He did and we finally sat down and ate at 9pm.
whatever. time wise it didnt work, but the meal was awesome, right?


it was so increidbly mediocre it was almost gross. i didnt finish mine, but kyle was sweet enough to pretend to love it and eat my plate i barely touched.
he didnt try fighting me on throwing away the leftover sauce, bread and meatballs.

Concerning the sauce... i will ALWAYS choose the low and long setting on a crockpot over the high and short setting. Lesson learned. Those extra onions I added didnt really cook enough. It was a CHUNKY sauce and even adding a whole can of Ragu barely made it saucey. I think if cooked longer, the onions and tomatos could liquify or get soft enough to barely notice the texture, and it be more about the flavor.

Bread-wise... this was good. But overall, it should have rose more? It wasnt super fluffy. More like a super dense, oversized breadstick. Good. But i just threw the other mini-loaf away because i knew it would be gross if it wasnt straight out of the oven. I think I may work on my bread recipes. They always scare me.

Meatballs... no recipe. At all. This was my problem. Maybe if mixed in a better sauce they'd be good, but just not with the sauce. They SMELLED good though while I cooked them.

noodles... the best part!!! i think they'd just be better in a different sauce or more importantly, IN CHICKEN NOODLE SOUP! I have about a serving and half left of noodles, so thats awesome! I get to eat something tasty and not waste them in onion tomato sauce like the first batch was in

but thats pretty much it. I am getting over my sickness. Feeling better... hopefully by next week, it will be in the past and I can start RUNNING again!!!

also I may be going to see Death Cab in concert!


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