Friday, March 20, 2009

Tax time!

So I did my taxes tonight (at work). Its so awesome how I get paid while doing that.
Anyways, I thought the government was gonna be mean to me this year since the TLP didnt take taxes out of my paychecks (only 500 bucks total) and I got a ton of interest on all those bonds I cashed in. But I actually did better than last year. Almost 800 dollars back!
I just need to file it tomorrow after I have ten dollars in my bank account to pay for filing.

Its sad, but all that money is going to my credit cards. So sad. But it will take a huge chunk out of what I owe and allow me to breathe so much easier. No more freaking out about CU bills maxing my card out or paying extra fees.

I guess you could almost say I love tax time. Its actually kind of awesome, because even though they owe you your own money back, it feels like you are just getting money.

I also checked how much I got last year for my stimulus. Kyle though 500 was the norm. Kat got 600. I got 300! I am pretty sure Kat and Kyle are krazy.

Not much else. Me and Kyle are headed to Columbia and St. Louis on Sunday! I can't wait. We are going to visit Kyle's dad, spend the night and eat at the Main Squeeze. Then St. Louis! We are planning brewery tours, maybe a hockey game, city museum and the history muesum. I can't wait! Plus we are staying at Kyles grandparents house since they are in Florida. So we dont have to pay for a room! Awesome! Plus, I still get to work a full schedule next week. No pay cuts! Aside from my Panera check, which I can live without.

Anyways. I am TOTALLY psyched about my tax return! I cant WAIT to write that check and pay off those pesky things! Financial freedom! Sooooon!

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