Saturday, March 07, 2009

germ-infested, on the clock ramblings.


i am so sick right now! my head feels likes its going to implode from the pressure. its almost to much. my whole front side of the face is literally sore. bah. anyways.

i just bought kyle a fifty dollar gift card to his favorite bar for 29 bucks. not too horrible. im sure he will like it for a night of rowdiness with the boys. although you have to use the WHOLE thing all at once, and it expires in august! using it wont be a problem. i am glad because i can give it to him for his birthday.

i paid all my bills today! it was exciting. my bank account is low though. paying my bills gives me a sense of empowerment a lot of the time. its like i work my ass off six days a week and when i get that pay check it just feel so good to be able to pay my own bills. now if only i can start paying my insurance to my mom on time!!! i guess this feeling of empowerment leaves quickly after the bills are actually paid and the next two weeks are really horrible. oh well.

anyways. i have nothing to chat about. i am almost finished with a smock i have been working on. and i started knitting a beanie today while i watched old 70's videos on VH1. they werent really videos, just video of bands performing. boring, but enjoyable and great to knit too.

it was so beautiful today!!! i walked to msu to pay my left over bill, walked to kyle's house, rode my bike back, and of course sat on the porch and had a beer.

i think sunday night will be the official opener of porch-sittin, beer drinkin season. in this years line up, i am thinking about introducing music! then of course the dutch oven cookin's and corn on the cob later in the year! its gonna be awesome!

OMG. AND AMOIS MOVED BACK, HECK YEAH. (i was so excited i literally typed out the f-bomb, but decided against it.) anyways. this means porch sittin will involve the same amazing people! i feel bad for her and her sisters shattered art dreams, but come on! maybe she will return to work at panera and we can have good (i.e. horrible-guest filled) times again.

i cant wait for summer!!! everyone will be not busy and i can hang out with everyone during the week! camping trips, bike rides, porch sessions, sean's sunday night parties, cookouts! its gonna be the shit!

speaking of cookouts, kyle wants a cookout for his birthday, with dutch oven cobbler, so i best be planning that. i was thinking about giving him a keg for his birthday present and he can have all his friends over. but i dont know how we will do that. the whole chance of minors coming makes me incredibly nervous, seeing as how we live on one the heaviest police patroled intersections...

alright. im gonna go smash my head against a wall. its gotta feel better than this. although typing about summer plans helped a lot.

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