Sunday, May 31, 2009


God. The world of blogging is so surreal sometimes. I have a tendency to find a blog, and read from birth to the present day, every single weekend. Its kind of like reading a book except I learn absolutely nothing. But I suppose its like pretty much listening to a person talk about themselves for hours and hours.

Anyways. What blows my mind, is how self-promoting people are with their blogs. I come across a lot of them that have spawned their own book deals from blogs. Whoaza. The idea is crazy... that all it takes is having the right person come across your blog and you could basically expand and edit some things, then make a few thousand (or more?) just by having someone publish it.

Well, I am reading a guy's blog right now and he's really throwing himself into it. I mean, it seems like hes out for a book deal, but rather than getting that he's just gotten a lot of popularity in his hometown. In fact, when you google his first name and profession, its the first thing that pops up. Google finishes typing it for you.

Anyways. Sorry blog. I neglect you. But I don't really care. I figure I write less for self promotion and more for fun. If it seems like I am never updating, just pretend I am out having so much fun I am too busy to update.

Wprlomg on my obama cross stitch. I have about 1/5 of it done? er, maybe 1/6? Its okay. I keep tossing around ideas who I am going to give it too. I actually could keep it for myself, but honestly, I hate the way cross stitching looks. I mean, the subversive style I have done (see picture) is kind of cool I suppose, and I wouldn't mind having one or two in the house (at opposite ends) but for the most part, I think I will be giving away most of my stitching. I'd like to sell it on etsy too. I think if I could stitch all my ideas really fast, then I could get a good foot hold in the market. But I really just am lazy I suppose.

Also. This night job may be coming to a close? My boss is super excited about this case manager position that opened and me applying. She said I would probably get it. I actually didn't want to hear those words, because now, its difficult to not imagine myself doing it. If I don't get it, I may just be crushed. 8am-5pm Monday through Friday. Hows that for grown up? that just means no more long nights of surfing wikipedia and blogger.

Alright. Well back to the cross stitchin. I cant believe how time consuming this is.

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