Saturday, May 09, 2009

i suck:
you know theres a piece of the berlin wall here in springfield

me: really!?

i suck: like i lil bitty piece
they sell them in tourist traps in germany

me: hahaha. COOOL
i was gonna look on ebay when i got home

i suck: for a lil bitty piece?

me: no.
a HUGE piece
id like to build a house out of it one day

i suck: awesome

me: thanks.
dont steal that idea tho

i suck: no way!
im going to build a house out of the qreckage of the world trade center
then everyone will say wow kyle youre house is so much more historicly poignant than micheles house

me: that is really sick

i suck: : (
too soon....

me: you build yours out of the reminder of hate. i build mine out of the reminder of freedom
saying "hey remember when the berlin wall fell?" sounds way better than "hey remember when the twin towers fell?"

i suck: does it michelle
you want to forget
you want the terrorists to win

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