Saturday, May 02, 2009


okay. so im looking a and i realize.

life is good.

i had a GREAT time tonight, so i guess i will blog about that.

we went out for kyle's friend's girlfriends birthday. i dont know her that well, and i admit, i wasnt super excited, but i ended up having a blast!!
lots of kyles friends there, and i felt comfortable. especially since we were the first to arrive. usually that would be awkward, but i got to politely chit chat with the hostesses of the event. and then i got the most prime seat for dinner! i didnt feel left out at all like i expected. then i was actually worried about ordering at kai cuz i HATE sushi. but i found a 9 dollar FANTASTIC salad. it was so good, i had coffee afterwards!
Then we went to mudhouse and me and kyle got to chat for a bit, then kyles friend joined and i talked to him for a bit, and then birthday girl then everyone else!

a week ago, i was actually kind of upset, because birthday girl ALWAYS goes out with a bunch of guys when they have guys night according to kyle. i always was a little jealous, and thought she fit in really well. and it was some elaborate scheme to not get michelle to go. arrogant? yes, i know. but tonight, i felt like i related to her better. she didnt have a ton of girls show up and it almost turned into her boyfriends event because most of it was his friends that know her. and just so you know... thats probably how my birthday will be. i dont know. i suddenly felt like i could relate to her.

is this all confusing?

anyways. we went to mudlounge and played apples to apples and i saw a TON of people i knew there and i loved it. havent been out with a huge group in forever, and i cant tell you how comfortable i felt! maybe it was the alcohol everyone else was drinking? very good times.

i have a wonderful caring boyfriend, and i felt a little like a jerk for expecting a horrible time. hes got good friends.


I LOVE FIDGET MY HOG! Hes the best. today he was going a bit crazy crawling in my lap. i love it when hes mad and puffs up. hes not doing it as much, and i am already starting to miss his timid ways! its hard to keep track of him. anyways. im trying not to be a "hedgie owner." they are a bit crazy. but i cant help it. i understand.

anyways. i am going to go to room checks and make something of my life. i feel better.

i talked to kat too for a short while and she made me feel better about my job. its pretty much a sweet setup i have she said. and just cuz its not PERFECT doesnt mean i should give up. i have a lot going for me right now and i should focus on that. plus i have a second job that totally works with me too. made me feel a lot better, knowing that the world wasnt ending and life was still good.

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